2021 March Mexico Campaign

The 2020 Mexico and Central America Airborne Lidar Collection Campaign for Small- and Medium-Sized Projects was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. NCALM is resuming the campaign in 2021.

We are working on the final arrangements for a campaign in Mexico. The airplane and equipment are being tested the last week of February, and medical measures are being investigated and taken. We are aiming for data collection to resume in Mexico on March 1, 2021, and continue for three weeks. The first base of operations will be in Chetumal. More updates will follow in the coming days. (See ncalm.cive.uh.edu/campaign/2021-collaborative-belize-campaign for other MXCA Campaign information related to COVID delays.)

For more information, contact Juan C. Fernandez-Diaz (jfernan4 [at] central.uh.edu) and Abhinav Singhania (asinghan [at] central.uh.edu).

Status Updates

  • Equipment export license and Carnet are active.
  • Permit approval is ongoing.
  • Export process has been initiated.
  • Final aircraft service is ongoing.