2021 March Mexico Campaign

The 2020 Mexico and Central America Airborne Lidar Collection Campaign for Small- and Medium-Sized Projects was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. NCALM will resume the campaign. For more information, contact Juan C. Fernandez-Diaz (jfernan4 [at] central.uh.edu) and Abhinav Singhania (asinghan [at] central.uh.edu).

Status Updates

NCALM ground tested the Optech Titan from Wednesday, March 24–Friday, March 26. The tests were necessary after the team experienced an off-field landing in Mexico. The results were successful and allowed NCALM to move to the flight testing stage. NCALM flight tested the instrument from Thursday, April 8–Friday, April 9. The results continue to be analyzed by NCALM and Teledyne Optech tech support, but it has been determined that the instrument can be operated effectively.

  • NCALM is beginning the process to reattain flight permits to continue working in Mexico as soon as possible.