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Data Policy

The NCALM policy for public release of airborne lidar data is determined by the project type.

  • Type 1: Standard NSF-funded acquisitions
    Data acquired for NSF projects will be released to the public two years after the date of delivery to the PI.
  • Type 2: Student seed project grants
    Data acquired for Seed Projects will be released six months after the date of delivery to the student PI.
  • Type 3: Non-NSF funded projects
    Non-NSF awarded data will be released at the discretion of the external PI.

When a Principal Investigator's period of sole access to the data expires, or when a PI approves an early release, NCALM will release the data through OpenTopography.

For further information, please email the NCALM staff at ncalm [at] (ncalm[at]egr[dot]uh[dot]edu).