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New Ph.D. Opportunities in GSES Graduate Research Program

UH's Geosensing Systems Engineering & Sciences Seeks Multiple Ph.D. Students

The University of Houston's Geosensing Systems Engineering & Sciences graduate research program and the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping, funded by the National Science Foundation, have funding available for multiple (up to 10) Ph.D. students. We are looking for qualified candidates who are interested in the following research themes:

  • Geodetic measurements of crustal deformation and land subsidence using GNSS, InSAR, and satellite altimetry
  • Machine learning, big data processing, and multi-temporal time-series analysis for applications using SAR, lidar, and electro-optical remote sensing
  • Assessing and simulating impacts of reservoir operation and climate change on downstream inundation and sediment transport using satellite remote sensing and modeling
  • Develop of precision geodetic techniques for seafloor geodesy applications in marine and coastal environments.

Students with undergraduate degrees in engineering, geomatics, geosciences, physics, astronomy, computer sciences, or geology interested in the GSES program are encouraged to inquire via email at gses_grad [at] Prospective students may be required to provide appropriate GRE scores (GRE and TOEFL scores for international students) for admission to the GSES graduate program. Funding is available for start dates in both the Spring and Fall 2023 semesters. The deadline for admission for the Fall semester is February 1st, and the Spring deadline is September 1st. The application process and forms can be found on the University of Houston Civil & Environmental Engineering department website.


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