Archaeological Results from NCALM Data Presented at SAA Annual Meeting

Archaeological Results from NCALM LiDAR Data Presented at the Society for American Archeology (SAA) 79th Annual Meeting held in Austin, TX, April 23-27, 2014:

Results from airborne LiDAR mapping projects undertaken by NCALM, including the 2009, 2011, and 2013 Belize, 2010 Chaco Canyon, 2012 Honduras, and 2013 Mayapan projects, were presented in two different sessions at the SAA meeting. The results from Chaco Canyon were presented by 2010 NCALM seed grantee Wetherbee Dorshow from the University of New Mexico, in symposium 295, entitled "Recent Applications and Innovation in Archaeological Remote Sensing." Symposium 337, entitled "The Use of LiDAR in Mesoamerican Archeology: New Approaches to Settlement and Research," featured presentations by archaeologists Arlen Chase, Timothy Hare, Christopher Fisher, Keith Prufer, and Adrian Chase. In addition, NCALM had presentations by Juan C. Fernandez-Diaz and Ramesh Shrestha, who also served as discussants for that session.