Greetings from ANTARCTICA

McMurdo Dry Valleys Team

The NCALM field crew was recently deployed to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, as part of the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). The crew is using the recently acquired Titan MW multispectral lidar sensor to map the nearby McMurdo Dry Valleys. Mapping will include 5000 km2 of valleys, mountains, and glaciers. The project is headed by PI Andrew Fountain (Portland State University) and Co-PI Paul Morin (University of Minnesota). The data acquisition also includes visible imagery.

The team will spend six weeks collecting and processing data out of McMurdo Station, which is located on Ross Island, approximately 45 nmi from the project area. The often unpredictable local weather and complicated logistics of surveying in Antarctica will make this one of the most challenging projects undertaken by NCALM to date. NCALM is flying their instrument in a Twin Otter operated by Kenn Borek Air Ltd.

Be sure to check out more pictures from "The Ice" at NCALM's Facebook page.