GSES Ph.D. Student Defends Dissertation

Zhigang Pan Defends Dissertation

Zhigang Pan defended his Ph.D. dissertation, "Shallow Water Bathymetry Using Full Waveform Bathymetric LiDAR and Hyperspectral Imagery." High-resolution airborne hyperspectral imagery and high-resolution, low-pulse energy, full waveform lidar were investigated to determine their capabilities for predicting water column characteristics and bathymetry. Using multiple evaluations, significant improvements in point density, multiple return detection, water turbidity, and accuracy were determined for full waveform bathymetric lidar. Additionally, improvements were made to the determination of shallow water bathymetry, water turbidity, and water column constituent concentration using hyperspectral imagery.

Zhigang becomes the fifth Geosensing Systems Engineering & Sciences (GSES) doctoral student to defend in 2016. His advisor was Dr. Craig Glennie. Zhigang will be working closely with Dr. Glennie and Leica Geosystems as a postdoctoral researcher, where he will be concentrating on single photon lidar calibration and filtering.

Congratulations, Zhigang!