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NCALM Announces 2022 Seed Proposal Winners

2022 Student Seed Proposal Winners Selected

The National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping surveys multiple projects each year for graduate student PIs whose research would be enhanced by airborne lidar data. Students write and submit a two- to three-page proposal to be considered for an award ( The applications are reviewed by the NCALM Steering Committee, who select winners based on intellectual merit and broader impact.

NCALM would like to announce that the 2022 seed proposal winners have been awarded. Five projects were selected to receive lidar data this year. Congratulations to the following students and their advisors:

Donald Davidson (Madeline Foster-Martinez)
University of New Orleans
Understanding the vegetation-sediment-flow interplay in deltaic wetlands

Zena Robert (Jean Dixon)
Montana State University
Detecting changes in hillslope geomorphology due to thawing permafrost in interior Alaska, USA

Edward Williams (Laurent Montesi)
University of Maryland, College Park
Topographic expression of lava tubes in the Lava Beds National Monument

Dannielle Fougere (James Dolan)
University of Southern California
Lidar acquisition along the Calico Fault: Towards an understanding of system-level behavior of the Pacific-North American plate boundary fault network in southern California

Michelle Sclafani (Kathleen Lohse)
Idaho State University
Role of hillslope topography, channel morphology, and riparian vegetation density canopy cover in patterning of longitudinal stream wetting and biogeochemical processing in an intermittent stream


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