NCALM Continues Planning for Rapid Deployment Once Authorities Deem Conditions Safe for International Work

Lidar-Derived DEM of Caracol, Belize

NCALM Advances Preparations for Mapping in Mexico & Central America

The National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping is holding in place due to travel restrictions from U.S. federal, Texas state, and foreign host governments. The situation is fluid, and NCALM’s operations require coordination with, and approval from, multiple jurisdictions and levels of government. Consequently, we cannot accurately predict a 2020 Mexico and Central America Lidar Collection Campaign for Small- and Medium-Sized Projects start date at this time.

NCALM is preparing to deploy as soon as the various authorities lift the non-essential travel and work restrictions. We have been able to work in the region into July and the rainy season in the past. We are optimistic and hopeful that if the situation settles in the next months, we can map the Mexico and Central America projects this year. NCALM will continue to update Principal Investigators as information becomes available to us.

Our top priorities are being able to complete mapping projects safely and efficiently while keeping PIs informed regarding our plans.

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